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Released: 13th of December 2011

Language: English

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Description of the game and Hottikokki Food Songs

Jokofu, refridgerator in Swahili Language (Kiswahili), is a new member of Hottikokki Family.

Jokofu Twist Memory Game is designed for kids of all ages and Freezer Time Challenge for those who want to beat the clock (three time options). Colorful veggies and other smiling goodies hide in the Jokofu Vintage Refridgerator. Find the matching pair of broccoli, pizza, ice cream and other food items and make Jokofu dance! Jokofu Twist Memory Game is a fun start for a nice conversation about good food and home cooking. The original Game Music was recorded with live musicians in Studio Brushane in 1998. The track is the theme song of Hottikokki Music Video series for Kids.

We made Food For Kids and Music Video History already in 1998! Hottikokki Food Songs - a series of 10 music videos for kids - was originally produced for YLE TV1 (Finnish National Broadcasting Company). Reader´s Digest Finland Home Video from 1998 is sold out. We want to encourage people to eat healthy and safe food. This is why in 2012 we released a digital only release of the Hottikokki songs first in Finnish. All the Hottikokki songs also have Swedish lyrics and we are right now working on the English lyrics. Music is a universal language, and so we are sure that you will love these Finnish versions as well! In mobile devices the "Red Ribbon" Player works faster.

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